Our premium tool for developing go-to market strategy, gives an edge to our clients while entering greenfield markets or to carve out new opportunities in existing ones…

1. Understand macro factors and cultural trends in the market to take informed business decisions
  • Understand the region in terms of existing & changing trends
  • Prioritize country for future expansion strategy based on country’s performance (GDP, currency, etc)
2. Understand industry dynamics and client’s businesses to have effective conversations
  • Prioritize industries for effective targeting based on size, growth,  number of players and performance of competition
  • Prioritize targeting of businesses based on performance of top companies in the selected industries
3. Create comprehensive database of prospective customers with key details for efficient targeting
  • Equip your sales team with relevant information which helps them in effective and efficient targeting Company name & address
  • Company phone number & email-id
  • Company website
  • Key contacts name & designation
  • Market performance – revenue, growth etc