Our end to end research solutions help you to make informed marketing decisions to grow your business. From understanding consumers to tracking brand performance, we provide a competitive edge to win today & tomorrow

Business, Category & Brand Strategy

Market & Customer Segmentation – Understanding consumer needs, emotions, behavior and moments of consumption enables sound decision making for recognizing, sizing and planning for growth opportunities. Also makes the basis for product innovation pipeline, brand positioning, effective communication & targeting.

Brand Equity Measurement– We understand the important for businesses to grow brand love in consumer’s mind to eventually get higher share of wallet. We measure the key drivers of brand equity and compare performance across competitors to identify levers of ‘push’ & ‘pull’ to determine the right strategy for growth.

Brand Tracking– With new age thinking and deep category understanding, our intelligent brand guidance framework is future forward, providing holistic view on performance. We measure KPIs which are critical for business success, understanding brand health, equity momentum and image association to define actions for growth.

Idea Screening, Concept & Product Test– Disrupting the market with new ideas and offers is a strategic decision for the business which requires long term investment. Setting correct action standards and right methodology is critical to measure success of launch or the direction for optimization.

Marketing Mix Evaluation– Combination of elements often has greater positive/ negative impact on the success of the offer rather than individual testing. We measure numerous combinations in an adaptive way to make it relevant for respondent.

Volume Forecasting– With limited  budgets, investment behind new launch is critical for business growth. Volume forecast modelling by understanding preference and interest for each unique individual ensure higher accuracy and direction for source of business. 

NPI Tracking – Post launch of new offer, it is important to get early warning indicators on key measures. We offer fast and affordable solutions to be able to course-correct and optimize marketing spends without much damage.

Innovation & Product Strategy
Retail & Shopper Insights

Shopper U&A, Decision Making Process & Shopper Journey– The dynamism in availability of information and channel of purchase has led to change in shopping journey of consumers. With the growth of online purchase channels, it is important to understand the difference in shopping behavior compared to traditional channels, whether in terms of 6Ws or their decision making process. Ability to influence the shopping decision pre-store or in-store paves way for brand and category growth, if manufacturer and retailer can partner together to understand their customers. 

Post Launch Campaign Evaluation – A campaign, whether thematic or tactical, has a purpose – to create long term impression on consumer’s mind or generate a prompted action which results in quick sales. From clarity of messaging to source of awareness, understanding the role of the campaign and measuring its success against key parameters helps to measure the ROI for both creative and media.

Creative & Campaign Evaluation
Customer Experience & Loyalty

Customer Journey & Experience– As competition grows, it is becoming difficult to win customers. Customer expectations has also gone up, as they have more choice, while barrier to switch is negligible in most cases. So, brands are striving to deliver beyond excellence at every possible interaction. However, measuring this satisfaction is critical to take timely and pointed action, as both positive and negative experience spreads like wildfire.

Customer Relationship & Loyalty Programs– Most businesses offers packages or loyalty programs to ensure repeat business from customers. However, often these packages does not suit the needs of the customers, creating a feeling of being cheated or being less important which results in customer churn. Knowing your customers habits, understanding their challenges and needs, helps to design an effective and efficient loyalty program based on strength of relationship. This helps the business to tap into opportunities to convert new customers while also upselling to existing users.